Thursday, July 21, 2016

Now That the GOP Has Anointed Trump, The Mainstream Media Will Spring Their Trap!

By this time next week, Trump will probably be surging in the polls. Almost all candidates benefit from the convention bounce, an uptick in favorable polling due to the constant media coverage all centered around the greatness of the nominee, and Trump might get an especially large bump in the polling considering his flair for the dramatic. If he has a good week, Trump might finally take a solid lead over Hillary in national polling, but once Trump’s bounce begins to fade, it will be time for the mainstream media to drop the hammer on the Donald. 

Trump fans love bragging about how Teflon Don can withstand any attack without anything sticking, but I’d argue Trump has only faired so well because he’s been treated so favorably. As a new Harvard study proves, Trump benefitted greatly from positive coverage during the GOP primary though that coverage has steadily become more negative as Trump locked down victory over Ted Cruz, yet though the media has strengthened their criticism of Trump, they still haven’t truly raked him over the coals. 

When something bad happens in the Trump campaign, the mainstream media and assorted leftist personalities will condemned his actions briefly before moving to a new story, but this is incredibly tame compared to the coordinated and persistent hatchet jobs done on other GOP candidates in past election cycles. In 2008, the left constantly branded John McCain a warmonger to the point where it stuck in everyone’s mind and Sarah Palin was lampooned as an utter fool by every news outlet and comedy program in the country over a handful of bumbling remarks, yet while attacks about McCain’s militarism and Palin’s ineptitude at least have some basis in reality, let’s not forget how Mitt Romney was put through the ringer on the most trivial of issues. An anti-Romney PAC released an ad accusing Romney of killing an innocent woman because he shut down a steel plant that provided her family with healthcare and countless pundits discussed the fact that Mitt Romney once strapped a dog carrier to his car as if it were somehow relevant to his ability to be President. 

Considering the mainstream media’s knack for making mountains out of molehills and harping on minor negatives for weeks at a time, Trump has comparatively been treated with kid gloves. It’s not like Donald Trump is some angel beyond reproach. He’s cheated on his wife, admitted to buying political favors, made countless sexist remarks, lied constantly, attempted to seize private property from little old ladies to build parking spaces for his casinos, and done dozens of other sleazy things which are easily proven. The moment the mainstream media chooses to end Trump’s presidential ambitions, they can begin running coordinated media campaigns highlighting any or all of these issues not to mention “investigations” into more ambiguous allegations such as rape claims, ties to the mafia and countless shady business practices. 

Since the media is sitting on this potential ratings goldmine, why aren’t they running with it? 

It’s simple. They wanted the Republicans to be locked into Trump as their candidate. If they’d hammered this stuff earlier, it might have spooked the GOP enough to back another horse, but now the Republicans are stuck with the deeply flawed Trump.  

More importantly, the media can now rip apart the GOP and the conservative movement as they rip apart the nominee for Donald Trump is the fulfillment of every nasty thing the left has ever said about conservatives. Whereas the mainstream media could never prove their accusations of racism, sexism, corruption, hard-heartedness and fake piety with past GOP Presidential candidates, they can prove all this with Trump, and sadly, his mistakes do reflect on the Party and the conservatives who backed him.

If you thought you had seen the media treat Trump harshly so far, just wait. You haven’t seen anything yet. 

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