Friday, June 10, 2016

Can We All Admit Democrats Are Socialists?

Hillary Clinton finally secured enough delegates to win the DNC Presidential nomination, so unless the Department of Justice indicts Hillary or some other unforeseen catastrophe befalls her, it looks like Hillary has finally bested her challenger, socialist Bernie Sanders, but though Sanders and his particular version of socialist utopia might be temporarily defeated, the Sanders campaign has revealed one of the political world’s worst kept secrets, the Democrats are all socialists. 

Now upon hearing this, some people will immediately get defensive and complain that I’m resorting to name-calling, but the word socialism is not a slur. It’s simply a description of someone’s political views, and when describing the political views of Democrats, socialist is the only fitting description. 

Look at the popular vote split between Hillary and Bernie. Sanders has 43% of the support from left leaning voters, so everybody has to concede that roughly 43% of Democrats support an admitted socialist as opposed to a comparatively moderate candidate, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Over the past few months, Bernie has consistently held higher approval ratings than Hillary among Democrats and Democratic leaning voters. Since Bernie has earned 70% approval from the Democrat voters, that leaves only 30% who could possibly find socialism objectionable, and keep in mind, this approval number is measured at the heat of the campaign season when Democrats’ attitudes should be at their most divisive and hard feelings about competitors at their strongest, and therefore you would expect disapproval numbers to be at their highest. 

All this just proves that Sanders and his socialist views aren’t the fringe of the Democrat Party; they are the mainstream. 

Still, Hillary is winning, so doesn’t that show that socialist feeling in the Democrat Party, though prominent and appreciated, isn’t quite dominant? No, it doesn’t prove that at all.

Perhaps we need to refresh out memories on the actual definition of socialism. Socialism is, “a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned OR regulated by the community as a whole.”

It’s true that Hillary doesn’t advocate for the government to own the means of production, distribution and exchange (also known as business), but without question she wants to further regulate business as does every other Democrat living. Over the past hundred years, we’ve had a nigh constantly growing set of laws increasing government control over every single industry, and yet I challenge you to find a single industry that Democrats don’t want to regulate further. 

The distinctions between Hillary and Sanders are slight. Sanders wants to control the banks by nationalizing them and Hillary wants to control them with increased regulation. Sanders wants to control healthcare by making it universal whereas Hillary wants to do it while working within the confines of Obamacare. Democrats aren’t choosing between a socialist and a non-socialist but between two slightly different versions of socialism. 

For generations, Democrats have hidden behind masks of progressivism and liberalism without telling the American people their true agenda, but at this point, the Democrat ideology is clear. However they want to dress it up or disguise it, Democrats have fully embraced socialism. 

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