Wednesday, June 29, 2016

You Should Become A Libertarian (Even Though Libertarians Are Insane)

Cruz supporters, #NeverTrumpers, and any other malcontents of the mainstream political parties who want the government out of your business, you should all consider becoming members of the Libertarian Party. 

“But Jeremy,” I hear some of you saying, “Didn’t you just say recently that Libertarians Are Insane?”

Why yes, gentle reader. Yes, I did though saying they are insane is a bit of an oversimplification. To be more precise, I was trying to say that the Libertarians have an excellent platform in theory, but in practice, they’ve been infiltrated by a bunch of anarchists, stoners and social imbeciles who drag down what would otherwise be a solid message of liberty into a platform that too frequently caters to an eccentric cadre of political misfits with muddled political aims and little idea how implement their agenda. 

I suspect I’m not yet convincing you of the value of membership in the Libertarian Party. Give me a second.

As bad as some aspects of the Libertarian Party may be, there’s also a solid chunk of Libertarians who truly desire small government, have taken the time to carefully consider the complex issues and will fight for their small government values with a tenacity and stubbornness that would put every member of Congress to shame, and these voices though a minority are not too far from the mainstream of the Libertarian Party. 

Gary Johnson won the Libertarian nomination for President this year, a candidate not without his merits but considerably more wishy washy on several issues than what I would prefer, but if you look at the man who took second place in the Libertarian Presidential Primary, you’ll see someone that I believe many discontented Republicans could support, Austin Petersen. Petersen is a rock solid pro-life Constitutionalist who does a better job explaining his positions than any other candidate I’ve seen running for elected office in any Party this year. He’s a game changer who could reform the Libertarian Party and make it the true voice for liberty the United States has been missing. 

And yet he lost, so why should people discontented with the faux small government proclamations of the Republican Party jump ship to join the wishy-washy small government proclamations of the Libertarian Party?

The answer is simple. Since the Libertarian Party is so small, it can easily be reformed by a small influx of true Constitutional conservatives. In 2012, only a mere one million people voted for the Libertarian Presidential candidate as opposed to the sixty-one million who voted for Mitt Romney. If only one million of the GOP voters, a tiny fraction of the whole, became sick of the games and changed their political alliance to the Libertarians, that would be more than enough to push the crazy Libertarians to the fringe and create a party that truly represents limited government. 

If you’re determined to stick with the GOP as the lesser of two evils, I understand, but you’ve got to know that the GOP will betray you this time just as they’ve betrayed you in every Presidential election since Reagan. They aren’t truly conservative or Constitutional, and if you’re telling yourself things will be different this time, you’re just fooling yourself. The fact that the GOP primary was a contest fought between two anti-establishment candidates proves the GOP’s days are numbered, so why cling to the dusty bones of the past? If you truly want a revolutionary change for individual liberty, why not try to reform the party that’s small and easily malleable rather than the big intransigent party that stabs you in the back every chance it gets?

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